Sanborn represents District 9 well

To the Editor:

We are fortunate that New Hampshire Senate District 9 is represented by Andy Sanborn. He has maintained a consistent position in regard to help the growth and retention of businesses by working to reduce the cost of doing business in New Hampshire. He understands and promotes the need to modernize the operations of state government to increase productivity as an important method of controlling the state budget. He understands that it is not appropriate for the Legislature to make State mandates the responsibility of the municipalities.

Andy has taken a lead role in working with other concerned citizens in developing programs that provide community response to the opioid crisis: expanded access to treatment programs, expanded support and educational programs to discourage use, and interdiction of supplies. In a similar manner he has worked to encourage local control of education and the encouragement of teaching to convey knowledge and skills rather than prepare for standardized exams. He understands that services are best designed and delivered at the local level.

Most importantly, Sen. Sanborn exhibits an independent and steadfast posture and recognizes that his role is to represent all of his constituents and not to develop his positions in accordance with party dogma and direction. He does not believe in providing his special clients or contributors with preferred access or laws tilted to favor their interests.

Please support the District 9’s current senator, Andy Sanborn.

William L. Duschatko