Sanborn stands up for his district

To the Editor:

The good in people has always mattered to me more than their political party affiliation, and there are few things in this world that irk me more than politicians. Most unfortunately, the politics of today seems fraught with opportunists who will say and do anything to garner your vote. It is therefore refreshing to come across one who speaks his mind – who argues tirelessly for the people – and who isn’t afraid to stand up for a cause regardless of whether or not it is popular within his own party: Enter Andy Sanborn. Sen. Sanborn has consistently fought for the people in his district. He sponsored legislation to make birth control available over the counter without a prescription. He authored an equal pay for equal work bill that was signed by Gov.Hassan. He championed and worked on legislation to, for the first time ever, create a statute that defined domestic violence as a crime. He has never been afraid to work with members of any party and he is a proven supporter of women’s rights, which makes me proud to endorse him for senator.

Kelleigh Murphy