Support Sanborn to represent Bedford

To the Editor:

How fortunate we are in Bedford to have Sen. Andy Sanborn representing us in Concord. Sen. Sanborn may be the nicest guy in politics today but his voting record is what earns our confidence and votes.

Andy Sanborn understands that education for our future should not be in the hands of the political bureaucracies that are distant from parents and students in more than just miles. He believes that administering education must be done by the families and local communities that are most dependent on it.

In the Senate, Andy has consistently voted for better quality public schools and to give students the freedom not to be chained to the dictates of Common Core assessments. We’ve seen too much federal overreach in our local schools coming from the Common Core reforms and he wants to free up our teachers and administrators to do what they do best.

He also strongly supports strengthening those programs which give families the needed access to education alternatives such as charter schools and home schooling if their children are not thriving in their current situation.

With Andy as our senator, citizens who want the best for our kids’ future will continue to have a strong friend and ally in the Senate; a conservative champion who will continue to change the focus from supporting the system to supporting families. I urge you to join me in standing up for Andy and supporting him on Nov. 8.

Ann Marie Banfield