Vote Andy Sanborn for State Senate

To the Editor:

Sen. Andy Sanborn has my vote, again.

My vote on Nov. 8 will go to Andy Sanborn for State senator in District 9. Never have I met a more committed senator when it comes to the needs of the state and of his constituents. At every opportunity Andy is thinking and working on new ways to help create a thriving businesses climate each step of progress from start-up, mom and pop shops to major employers. He has shown the ability to cut taxes and save money. He recognizes that efficiency in government is good for all of us allowing resources to be targeted where it is needed most. Andy Sanborn in the New Hampshire Senate is essential for business and job growth, bringing opportunity and revenue that will help New Hampshire grow and prosper.

I have found on a personal level that no one is more friendly, more accessible and easier to get to know than Sen. Sanborn. He has always shown genuine interest in what concerns the voters. He listens. He takes notes. And he follows up and follows through. From issues involving families and children to employee’s rights to personal freedom and privacy, Sen. Andy Sanborn is there going to bat for you.

I believe Andy Sanborn for State senator is the type of committed individual we all seek to represent us in Concord, putting your interests first. Please give him your vote again on Nov. 8.

Laura Condon