Nyquist cares about women’s interests

To the Editor:

Last week I got a flyer in the mail from state Sen.Andy Sanborn. It said that Lee Nyquist was vulgar for pointing out that the votes Sen. Sanborn cast would have restricted women’s access to health care. If telling the truth about someone’s voting record is vulgar, what does that say about transparency in New Hampshire politics.

In this mailing, Sen. Sanborn claims credit for New Hampshire’s Equal Pay Statute, but he’s not listed as a co-sponsor, and state Sen. Sylvia Larsen, who actually wrote the bill, says that his sole contribution to the bill was berating a witness who testified in favor of it. In this mailing, Sen. Sanborn also claims credit for Joshua’s Law, but he’s not listed as a co-sponsor of that either – and after talking to people involved in the process, no one can recall any contribution made by Sen. Sanborn.

Taking credit for the accomplishments of others is dishonest at best and plagiarism at worst. In either event, it is unbecoming of someone seeking a position of public trust. That’s why I’m voting for Lee Nyquist. As a woman, I know that I can trust Lee to look out for my interests and tell me the truth about his record. It’s a shame that I can’t say the same about my current state senator.

Judy Scanlon