Rombeau asks for voters’ support

On Tuesday, March 14, we have the opportunity to add a new voice to Bedford’s Town Council. I am running to protect Bedford’s unique balance of small-town feel and large community resources. We need to protect residential neighborhoods, support responsible business development in appropriate commercial zones, and maintain adequate infrastructure and services to meet those goals. That means having a proactive and comprehensive strategy for how we use town properties, maintain predictability for residential properties, partner with existing businesses, and encourage commercial growth that fits our town character and maintains our tax base. We also need to choose new department staff as current employees retire and think carefully about meeting our public safety facility needs. This isn’t about spending more money – it’s about planning ahead.

As a labor and employment attorney for over a decade, my job is to get up to speed quickly on substantive disputes across a wide range of industries, to understand emotions running high on all sides, to read the fine print in contracts, statutes, regulations and other guidance, and to translate it into client solutions. My job is to set budgets, ask questions, get into the details and meet expectations. I can’t imagine a much more important client than the town we chose, where we are raising our two young daughters, where we work and play and go to school. Bedford voters, I hope you will let me get to work for you.

Catherine Rombeau