President Trump’s failings have reinforced reader’s love for country

To the Editor:

On Nov. 25, 1915, Clementine Churchill wrote to her husband, Winston, the following: “I love you very much, more even than I thought I did.” Having been the civilian head of the Royal Navy he was now a soldier in the British Army fighting the Germans. The times were very uncertain to say the least.

Her words summed up her feelings for him more like the ‘aside’ an actor whispers to an audience. So too they could sum up our feelings for our country at this time.

For example, during Trumps reception of Germany’s Angela Merkel, reporters ask him to shake her hand. She turned towards him, ready to extend her hand, but he sat motionless staring at the reporters. It was revolting.

Perhaps he has trouble interacting with strong women. Whatever the case may be, she heads one of the most democratic, strongest and best national friends of our country. Her country’s openness to strangers in great need should remind us all of who we are as Americans. Her country’s views of how to treat the stranger new to the land is Biblical and helped shape who we are as a country.

Why is Trump so blind and obstinate toward those who have contributed so much to our well being? With the help of our courts of law he will fail. In the meantime, it helps me realize that I love our country much more than I thought I did.