Academic happenings and more at Bedford High School

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Bedford School District Corner. This is the first in series of monthly columns, offering the inside scoop on academic achievements, upcoming meetings and more happenings in the Bedford School District.

If you look closely at the photograph accompanying this column, you’ll the see GREAT use of both varying degrees of technology in one of our high school classrooms. Students in one of Scott Sarsfield’s math classes are analyzing data collected on the motion of a pendulum. The pendulum is swinging from the ruler hanging off the edge of the table in the top right of the photo. Students collect data directly on the whiteboard table, and perform initial calculations by hand. Next, the students use a free graphing calculator program called “Desmos” on their chromebook to enter in data to analyze what the graph looks like. All of this work with pendulums reinforces the laws of nature (physics) and the link between mathematical formulas and graphs.

School board news and important dates:

• Dec. 8: 6:30 p.m. Bedford High School, Interactive Comedy Entertainment and Silent Auction.

• Dec. 11: 7 p.m. School Board Meeting, SAU Board Room.

• Dec. 13: 6:30 p.m. Riddle Brook School, Winter Concert, RBS gym.

• Dec. 18: 6 p.m. School Board budget meeting, SAU Board Room (if needed)

• Dec. 25-Jan. 1: No school – holiday recess

• Jan. 23: 6-8 p.m. School District Dialogue, Bedford Town Library, Richmond Room.

• Feb. 13: 6-8 p.m. School District Dialogue, Bedford Town Library, Richmond Room.

Visit for information on the Bedford School District. You will find School Board meeting agendas and minutes, information on budget development and contact information for school board members.