Bi-Partisan approach: When only the best will do

Greetings from Colorado. Seven states in 80 years, but New Hampshire is still the state I love most. While serving six years on the Bedford Town Council and as chairman for one year, I worked with public officials across the state, including Sens. Hassan, Shaheen, Ayotte and many others. I focus now on two special public servants – namely, Chris Pappas and Terry Wolf, both running for offices that will absolutely affect your future and most importantly, your quality of life. Pappas deserves your support for his bid for a seat in the US House of Representatives. Terry Wolf has more than earned your vote for New Hampshire state senator.

Why such an earnest recommendation from 2,000 miles away? Because both people chose a life of public service over politics long ago. Specifically, Pappas is a two-term state representative and a three-term member of the

Executive Council, working closely with the governor. He has worked tirelessly and successfully to restore Planned Parenthood for 13,000 Granite Staters and was instrumental in expanding Medicaid for 53,000 New Hampshire citizens. He has long stood up for the people of New Hampshire, and fought against big money interests.

Wolf, a 20 year Bedford resident, served on the Bedford School Board for nine years and chaired it during the design and construction of Bedford High School, since nationally recognized for excellence. For the last four years, she has expertly served as a member of the New Hampshire House, demonstrating true leadership as assistant minority whip and vice chairperson of the Education Commission. I’ve worked with her closely enough to know that when elected the excellence of her work will continue.

Please note the distinctions between public servant and politician, because both Chris and Terry, extensively credentialed, have earned their stripes as true public servants. Public servants have only you and your interests in mind and work toward achieving your needs and goals. Politicians have only self in mind and work toward their own advancement, using your vote to achieve that goal.

Notice the bi-partisan choices that hang entirely on service, not on party. It is people that produce progress, not politicians. There are two great people here. None better than Terry Wolf and Chris Pappas.