They are as a group, the people not doing their job

Now that the latest Federal Government shutdown has been resolved (at least for 3 weeks that is), I would like to suggest that the people that should be most impacted by a Federal Government shutdown, members of Congress, are the least affected. They are as a group, the people not doing their job, passing an operating budget for the government. Yet they are not impacted by their failure to do their job. I think that if Congress cannot pass an operating budget on time that all members should be sequestered in their respective chambers until they do and it is signed into law.

They should be required to surrender all electronic devices and remain without any outside communications, stay in the Capital in their chambers 24/7 until they do their job. It is the least they can do, work diligently day and night until a budget that will provide for all Federal employees is signed into law by the President, or any veto overridden.

I think that if their lives and daily routines were impacted as their inaction on passing budgets impacts other federal employees perhaps they would be more focused on completing their work in a timely manner. As it is, members of Congress create havoc for many citizens of the country without upsetting their own lives. Why should people who are not doing their job or meeting their responsibilities not be held accountable?