Open letter to Bedford,

New Hampshire, 2019 Town Council candidates David L. Gilbert, William Carter, Denise Ricciardi and Bryan Lord:

Dear Candidates,

In August 2018 I spoke critically of the proposed Bow Lane development project at a Conservation Commission meeting and a Planning Board meeting. I spoke as a citizen of Bedford and never identified my employer. Within two days of my testimony, developer Bill Greiner wrote a letter to my employer making false allegations of unethical conduct on my part. I was cleared of any wrongdoing. I went public with this story via a letter (https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgtlbb2k62rhfoz/Town_Council.pdf?dl=0) sent to all Town Council members, board members and staff.

As a prospective candidate for Town Council I pose two critical questions to you. Your answers are not only important to me, but to countless others who have either been similarly affected or are disturbed by a similar pattern of conduct:

1. What is your opinion on conduct such as that described in this letter?

2. As a Town Councilor what would you do in the face of attempts by anyone to intimidate or exert undue influence on you?

3. Would you support the Town Council creating an ethics code as it relates to ALL BOARD MEMBERS with consequences for violation of such?

Look forward to hearing your responses.