Please vote on March 12 to change the situation

Once again, developers proposing a massive high-density apartment complex in the middle of Bedford and their minions continue whining before town boards and in the newspapers about “workforce housing” (WFH). This we suspect, is a ploy to garner sympathy for their project when not one person has objected to “workforce housing”.

As the developer himself has previously stated before, the units are all the same and no one can tell how much anyone is paying. But having no other defense from the real complaint which is the despoiling of the character of our town, they must keep beating this dead horse in order to pretend that WFH is at issue.

Perhaps if these projects were planned with less callous regard for the location, they might be accepted. In addition, people are outraged that friends on the school board motioned a vote to allow taxpayers to share public resources with a private developer because the developers currently have no other means of hooking up to water and sewer.

So far 1,050 people have signed a petition regarding the improper placement of these projects. (The UL erroneously stated 1,000) Most who see it or find out about it, sign it.

Please vote on March 12 to change the situation. Something must be done to preserve the character of Bedford. Let’s start by rejecting the rampant push to “urbanize” a town that already has reached peak growth.