Councilor seeks re-election

My name is David Gilbert, and I am running for re-election to the Bedford Town Council. I want to continue to represent the residents of Bedford by insuring that we continue to provide a high level of services at a reasonable price. I believe our goals should include maintaining our appeal as a residential and business community. We do not have a any large parcels in town remaining for residential development. I am not in favor of expanding commercial development into current residentially zoned areas. Bedford is not a little town anymore (we are close to a population of 23,000 – similar to Portsmouth). In order to maintain our appeal we need to determine priorities and balance them against the needs of the town and financial constraints of our taxpayers.

I moved to town in 1996. At that time our roads we in dis-repair. The town has done a great job of re-invigorating our roads since then. We need to continue the road improvement projects. It is time to do the same with our town facilities. Modifications, additions, and preventative maintenance need to be addressed. There is a Warrant Article for consideration, the Park & Recreation Facility Assessment. It is a comprehensive plan developed to upgrade and maintain our town parks, fields, and courts. Over the past year this plan was developed in conjunction with myself as a Town Council representative, Public Works, and the sports leagues in town that are members of MOLD (Members of Outdoor League Discussions). Improvements to our Public Works Highway Garage need to be addressed. Consideration will be given to a second Fire Station and improving Police facilities. We need to address providing a community center for all of our residents to utilize. These facility items (and others) need to be addressed to reduce operating costs, consider obsolescence, improve safety, increase capacity, and continue to provide quality services to our residents.

The Town Council needs more input from our residents. We need more community involvement. Please consider coming to a Town Meeting to discuss you views on the subjects at hand and/or consider volunteering for a town committee. I am always open to resident input and welcome the input.

We need a balance between spending taxpayer dollars on necessary improvements and the desire of the taxpayer to pay for them. I look forward to continuing to bring a common sense and conservative fiscal approach to the Town Council. I believe my 3 years of experience on the Town Council, as well as, the Zoning Board, Conservation Commission, Park & Recreation Board, WBNH Radio Station Board, and Historical District Board will be valuable in representing the residents of Bedford going forward. I have been asked if I represent a “special interest group” in town. My answer is yes, the Taxpayers of Bedford. Please remember to make what is important, important and, silence is acceptance.

I ask for your vote to continue serving Bedford and to insure our town continues to be the outstanding community we live in.