HB 415 would only allow ballot voting

We hear constant complaints that by enforcing clean election laws, we are “suppressing the vote”. But now Democrats, those crafty devils, have sponsored HB 415, a bill which would completely take away the right of the townspeople to vote on SB2 by ballot, which means if SB2 is defeated, zoning amendments and other citizen-petitioned warrant articles would also be affected.

That’s right, HB 415 would only allow ballot voting for elect officials, but not allow other questions, such as SB2 itself, to be voted on in private.

HB 415 states: “Voting on the question shall be by ballot, but the question shall not be placed on the official ballot used to elect officers. Polls shall remain open and ballots shall be accepted by the moderator for a period of not less than one hour following the completion of discussion on the question.”

Sounds to me like the outmoded and impractical physical town meeting where we’re lucky if a mere 100-200 people show up. And that is to their advantage.

I guess voter suppression is OK so long as it benefits the Democrats.

Write to the House of Representatives and tell them to put the kibosh on HB 415, a bill that would suppress your vote on local issues.

While you’re at it, look up HB 104, SB 306, SB 241, and SB 15. And remember, what you vote for at the state level will be coming back to bite you at the town level.