It was a good day for Bedford!

We wish to thank Bedford voters for turning out on March 12 and 13.

Many received an unsigned, unauthorized flyer from a California PAC (despite the NH name) that attempted to fool people into thinking their recommendations would “make Bedford a great place to live”.

Town Council candidate Denise Ricciardi received 2,537 votes, even besting the incumbent Dave Gilbert who won back his seat with 1,799 votes.

In a field of three School Board candidates John Schneller came out on top. He was our only school ballot recommendation. Many people were upset with the School Board for voting to allow taxpayer resources to enrich a private party.

Our zoning amendments were all successful, with #6 passing with 60%. However a protest petition was filed by the abutters which, if valid, will cause #6 to lose because it did not get 66.6%. Amendment #7 failed by a wide enough margin that the welcomed protest petition submitted by the abutters was not needed.

We are pleased that Bedford voters are finally waking up to find out what they must do to take control of their own surroundings. For too long, outsiders and big interests have been calling the shots. No more.

Although unaffiliated, we were glad that the Bedford Taxpayers Association decided to go along with similar recommendations for our BRA candidates and zoning amendments.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”, and all in all, it was a good day for Bedford!