What constitutes a socialist?

My prior two letters identified socialism’s antithetical morality and dysfunctional economic theory that assuredly leads to oppression, violence, privation and lost liberty. Most of the world’s economies are a mix of markets and socialistic government control and ownership, but “socialists” are ever pushing for increased government control or ownership at the expense of private business, philanthropic and social organizations. Thus, a “socialist” is anyone pushing for government control of private economic activity; whether from right or left on the circular political spectrum, as they meet at the bottom in similar tyrannical socialist control of people’s economic activity.

Prior to the last century of socialistic influences, total government expenditure averaged 6% of GDP. Now, total federal, state and local government expenditure of $7.1 trillion and regulation cost of business of $1.9 trillion indicates government already controls $9 trillion or 45.6% of GDP.

The New Green Deal, promoted by nearly every Democratic presidential candidate, promises to eliminate, control or mandate whole industries, essentially nationalizing the vast majority of the economy. At a cost of $90 trillion over 10 years, or $9 trillion per year, would double the percent of GDP to over 90% controlled by government, comparable to failed communism.

Fortunately for the existence of young socialists, the older generation rejected the 1950’s apocalyptic population bomb theory of Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich. For their own survival, they should be as wise to reject a crisis mentality and the evils of state socialism to allow people’s private individual choices and private technological advances to gradually adjust to circumstances.