Possibly The Worst Road in Bedford

I hope most of my neighbors would agree that the Beaver Lane/Blanford Place continuum is one of the worst roads in Bedford. It is a heavily travelled road used by resident neighbors and other travelers going between Rte. 101 and North Amherst Road. It is filled with large cracks and potholes that can easily damage a car or cause serious trouble for anyone riding a bike. Our mail delivery could even be in jeopardy due to the poor/unsafe condition of the road.

I have contacted the highway department numerous times to ask for potholes to be filled. I even contacted the Town Manager who informed me he would look into the problem and that repaving is not planned for this year or next. I told him I would be happy if they would just patch the cracks and holes.

That was 5 weeks ago and since that time a few holes have been patched but more have occurred. They have made very little progress. I do not feel we are getting fair treatment from our town.

Each year we are asked to pay more taxes but when it comes to our roads, many of us are not seeing any value for what we are being charged for town taxes and automobile registrations. When the town gets sued because some bicyclist hits a crack and is seriously injured, and even more cars are damaged by potholes someone in our Town Safety Department might decide to take action but unfortunately by then it will be to late.

I would ask my neighbors and any other interested party to contact the Town manager if you share my concerns. It takes action to cause a reaction.