Be prepared!

Bedford’s current Master Plan, which was last revised in 2010, is rife with the goals and language of the “Congress for the New Urbanism”. The CNU.org is a group of about 2,500 people nationwide which espouses the radical philosophy of “new urbanism”. This philosophy is also espoused by the unelected, unaccountable, outside consultants (TPUDC.com) Bedford hired to do the 2020 Master Plan rewrite. Despite being told there was no “agenda” involved, the phrase “new urbanism” was already included in the existing plan and its goals and language were reflected.

This agenda is inappropriate for Bedford. The voters stated as much at March’s town meeting. In addition, 1,074 people signed a petition against some the very same principles, and had vocally expressed their dismay with these goals at the various input sessions that were held last fall.

TPUDC’s 2020 Master Plan rewrite draft version is due out this summer. We urge all Bedford residents to look over the old plan to become familiar with the goals and language and be ready to recommend changes to those goals and that language during the 30-day revision period.

Be prepared!

For more information and to see a copy of the current plan, please visit www.bedfordresidents.com.