Trains will not solve the traffic problem

We are stunned that the Union Leader would print such a misleading statement on their FaceBook page — specifically that a poll “finds 75.5% percentage of Granite State residents favor passenger train service between Boston and southern New Hampshire.”

The poll they cite obviously did not survey 975,000 people! They may have since edited the original article because now that says 75.5% of those “surveyed” favor it, without revealing the exact number. (The number was likely 300-500 residents.)

Please let the House of Representatives and the Governor know that considering the failures of commuter rail in almost every other state where it has been tried, you do not support it. California’s is billions in the red, so is New Mexico’s. The cost of limited ridership is not, and would not be sustainable!

NH should not entertain this taxpayer boondoggle by approving SB 241. Trains will not solve the traffic problem, and may even cause the need for an income tax. Certainly our Governor, who claims he is against any income taxes for NH, cannot possibly support this crazy commuter rail idea.

Please sign our petition to show your opposition to this project.