Support of net metering

I support government promotion of net metering. This program allows consumers to use energy from solar panels to reduce their electric bills. Increasing the use of solar panels further cuts energy costs in two ways; it reduces peak demand, and it lowers our share of regional transmission costs. It seems like a “win-win” proposition to me.

House Bill 365 was introduced in the NH House of Representatives to “increase the electric generating capacity of customer generators who may participate in net energy metering….” The vote passed with bi-partisan support in the State Legislature, but it was vetoed by Governor Sununu. The vote to override was defeated in the House when it appears that some of the Republicans put party loyalty ahead of the benefits of a bill they had previously supported. Towns such as Bedford and Jaffrey have had to delay solar projects because providers are not interested in small projects that meet the current 1 megawatt limit.

I can’t understand why anyone would oppose this bill, and I urge our Representatives to re-consider. I also urge the citizens of Bedford to express their support of net metering to our State Representatives.