Bedford Cross Country Ski Club in full swing

The 21st season of free skiing on the Legacy Park ski trails started on Monday Dec 12th with the first measurable snowfall of the season. Yes, the skiing and snowshoeing is free for all who want to enjoy the beauty of the 5 kilometers of groomed trails. The Ski Club maintains the trails and the Log Cabin Warming Hut, built and donated to the town by the Bedford Rotary Club in 1995, to give our youth and citizens a venue for training and racing and winter fun.

In the interest of safety, and enjoyment of the skiers, we ask the public to refrain from hiking and walking their dogs while there is snow on the trails. The dogs often get excited and intimidate the young children and leave ugly brown and yellow stains – very unsanitary for a child to fall on. Also the holes made by boots freeze into icy ruts that can cause a nasty unexpected fall. We know our trails are very desirable to walk on, so just bring your skis or snowshoes, we only get twp or three months at best to ski. The trails on the Benedictine property, Joe English Hill and the Pulpit Rock trail on New Boston Road are great for walking in the winter.

The Local high school teams have started training practices after school on weekdays starting at 2:30 p.m. until dark. The ski hut is open to all during this time and is open on Saturdays and Sundays as volunteer staffing is able to provide. If anyone reading this article would like to join the club and help out, please see our website at for info. Also snow conditions, races, events and programs are listed as well as links to other web sites.

Some events coming up:

Tuesday, Jan. 17 – Manchester Central hosts an exciting 2x2k night relay race for invited schools.

Saturday, Jan. 21 – Souhegan hosts its famous sprint race with a qualifier at 10 a.m. and elimination rounds at noon. These sprints go to about 3 p.m. and are very fun and exciting to watch.