Reader objects to Hess development at corner of Hardy Road, Route 101 in Bedford

To the Editor:

I am writing to explain my strong objection to the proposed development of the land located at the corner of Hardy Road and Route 101.

One of the main reasons that my family and I moved to Bedford several years ago was to live in a town where consumer staples were accessible, but not the landmarks of the town. I grew up in the area and have seen Bedford change substantially in the last 30 years. For the most part, these changes have been for the best, there is a close community here, and we have amazing schools that have made a very strong impact on this tight knit community.

While we have a corridor of consumer conveniences located on South River Road, I feel very strongly that we do not want this same commercial zoning to take over the rest of Route 101. Putting a Hess gas station and convenience center on Route 101 and Hardy Road will be a very significant step in creating the next South River Road. Look at the Amherst/Merrimack corridor of Route 1010A, is that what we want? Years ago, this was a very different road to drive down, is that what we want?

There are ordinances in place for a reason and these have been well thought out. Why would someone want to buy a house that even comes close to abutting Route 101 for fear that their quiet peaceful view could be next? The wetlands that are bordering the site along with the neighborhood that sits directly behind the proposed site will be impacted.

If the Hess station goes through, when will these exceptions stop? Why create more environmental damage to support a corporation’s market analysis and jeopardize our town?