Let’s hear from people covered under the Affordable Care Act

To the Editor:

In letters to the editor, local radio interviews, and campaign advertisements, Democrat party supporters have praised the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” In contrast, Republican party supporters have tried to discredit the act and its effects. Amazingly, no one who has commented on Obamacare has said they are, themselves, covered under this law.

So in these last days before the election, voters should hear from citizens who have heath insurance through the healthcare.gov exchange. Please tell us how the insurance plans are working. Are the plans good for you or bad for you? Are they better or worse than the insurance plans you had or didn’t have before the law took effect? We should hear from small business owners and employees who will be affected by the Employer Mandate that, through executive order, has been postponed until just after this year’s election. It would also be helpful to hear comments from healthcare professionals who work under Obamacare insurance policies.

No more hearsay from both sides, let’s get our information from people who are directly affected by this significant piece of legislation.

Dante D’Amato