Support these 7 to serve

To the Editor:

Seven who serve. These words connote the very meaning and intent of politics and politicians: public service, community involvement, volunteerism, and champions of causes.

For this election next week I’ve found seven people that are quintessential to this concept of public service. I encourage your support of Democrat Jerry Hanauer and Republicans Terry Wolf and Ken Peterson, for all three have long been involved in bettering the community of Bedford, each in different but key areas.

Already in office and seeking reelection are three more who have earned a right to return. They are Republican Reps. Keith Murphy and Dave Danielson for District 4, and for District 41 Laurie Sanborn, Republican Policy Leader and the first Bedford resident elevated to the top levels of leadership as the #3 ranking Republican in the House.

Senator Andy Sanborn has supported the Rte. 101 widening project, the two group meetings of the Bd. of Ed, Town Council, and all Bedford legislators. Sen. Sanborn was instrumental in directing more resources to both the University and Community College systems, which has allowed for a four-year tuition freeze.

For each candidate more could easily be said about their dedication to causes, commitments and contributions. Their capabilities you already know, so I hope and trust you will cast your vote in favor of these excellent citizens.

Jim Scanlon