Support Sledjeski for town council

To the Editor:

I am writing today to show my support for town council candidate Frank Sledjeski.

I’ve known Frank for just about ten years, meeting for the frst time at the soccer feld.

For as long as I’ve known Frank he has been involved in the community in some way from coaching youth and chaperoning feld trips, to helping keep the weeds at bay at local felds. As a board member of the Bedford Soccer League he has been an integral part of the growth of the youth soccer program.

Frank has proven leadership, he is a great communicator and he is hard working. My support for him comes not only from these qualities but in his interest in keeping taxes low, exploring the fre substation further and making sure residents have a say in the proposed Route 101 expansion.

If you are interested in a candidate with an open mind, without a hidden agenda, and that has a real passion for helping the community please join me in voting for Frank Sledjeski for town council on March 10 at Bedford High School, 7a.m.- 7p.m..

Lisa Nash