A Trump presidency would be the equivalent of having baby run nation

To the Editor:

A lack of governing and political experience are among the more profound reasons Donald Trump should not become president. His election would be the equivalent of having a baby run the country for four years.

Why? Because the lack of knowledge would be the same and he has yet to learn to tell the truth. In time the temper tantrums would have consequences far beyond anything the world has seen thus far.

Perhaps that’s why so many Republicans have been against him. Even right-wing Kelly Ayotte stayed away from the Republican Convention and can’t bring herself to move beyond her tepid support-but-not-endorse stance. She has yet to join Sen. Lindsey Graham, former Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. Ted Cruz, former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulsen, Jr., Gov. Nikki Haley, and a long list of highly respected Republicans who have voiced their disgust over Trump’s pursuit of the presidency.

At least Hillary is an adult and much, much more of course, which now includes having Tim Kaine at her side running for vice president. He’s a senator and former mayor, lieutenant governor, and governor. He’s also a no-nonsense practical politician who knows government structure, policy and persons, domestic and foreign. As does Hillary! Her choice of Kaine adds to her stature among her many supporters as well as revealing her confidence in being elected.

It’s a case of the adult versus the non-adult.

The Rev. William S. Gannon