Jay Nash seeks vote for school board, wants to add a new voice

Citizens of Bedford, My name is Jay Nash and I’m asking for your vote for a seat on the Bedford School Board.

As a longtime resident, and parent of four children in the schools, I’m running to add a new voice to our education table.

Having met many of you over the years through youth-coaching, community volunteering and at many school activities, I’ve learned that our town is a community of deeply thoughtful people. We like to be informed. We like to understand the reasons behind the actions and decisions of our leaders. We value transparency in our institutions. And, when we decide to take action, we tend to go all-in. I’d like to bring more of that dynamic, thoughtful attitude to the school board as we look to the future. I would like to work with you on where we are going, not where we’ve already been.

As your elected representative, I will actively seek out your thoughts, ideas, concerns, input and support for our schools in Bedford.

I’d like to be your forward-looking, earnest, plainspoken advocate for the future of quality education in Bedford.

Voting day is March 13 and, if elected, I’ll be asking you for more input on March 14 and over the next three years.

Thank you for your consideration and support.