Councilor seeks reelection, supports land preservation, controlling expenses

I would appreciate the support of Bedford residents in my campaign for re-election to the position of town councilor of Bedford. I am eager to continue my work in insuring that Bedford continues to provide all our residents an exceptional quality of services delivered at reasonable price.

Bedford is fortunate to have a dedicated group of employees who are responsive to their roles of service providers to the community. A large reason for this is the high degree of cooperation among current council members, who provide a consistent and informed leadership function interacting with the town manager. Our goals are focused on maintaining a community, which current residents are proud and which is attractive as a residential and business community.

However, I recognize that there are many items that will be on the agenda over the next three years. We will be replacing experienced department heads who are moving into retirement. Although not directly a responsibility of the council, I expect that we will be asked for advice and counsel in this area. We need to maintain a competitive employment environment at all levels. There is a likelihood that we will need to add or considerably modify the town’s facilities, both to reduce operating costs and to address obsolescence and capacity/service issues. Because of the long- term impact of these decisions, careful consideration location, design and financing is necessary. I believe that my experience gained from serving on the council and various committees and commissions will be helpful in providing this guidance.

Public opinions have been voiced that all decisions on town projects should be made by the voters. I agree with this. However, I recognize that the foundation pf any proposal presented to the voters, is based on a large amount of work that must be performed to determine priorities and balance them against another needs and financial constraints. It is the role of elected representatives to perform the screening and selection process. I have the time, interest and experience to perform these tasks.

I believe that an appropriate way to represent the interests of all residents, as opposed to specific constituencies, is to maintain firm control of operating and capital expenses. But at the same time, it is necessary to seek innovative solutions. I have pushed for the implementation of new initiatives that have led to improved service levels at less cost, as well as revenue producing projects that have also addressed traffic safety and congestion. A councilor must be open to new ideas and programs.

I am concerned about the preservation of our scarce open land for conservation and recreational purposes as well as the improved maintenance of our historic cemeteries and buildings. Changing demographics present opportunities and challenges that be the focus of new community conversation. Bedford is an attractive community because it provides a balance between the level of necessary and desired services and the ability to pay for it. This must continue.

I ask for your support so that I may continue to serve the community by working with my colleagues in developing and implementing policies that will insure that Bedford remains at the pinnacle of New Hampshire communities.