Willette is honest, compasionate, faithful choice

To the Editor:

When my husband Bobby Willette expressed his desire to run for election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2008, I was immediately opposed to the whole idea – the “politics,” the “mud-slinging,” the public criticism from those unlike-minded, the hours required, our being apart, the dedication and expense of effective campaigning … my list and concerns were extensive. However, in spite of my personal reasons for opposing this venture, I knew in my heart that my role was to support him, assisting him in every way possible to pursue his aspiration and make it a reality.

Together, we composed an informational hand-out, designed signs, rode for hours placing signs and revisited the sites to maintain the signs when the weather had uprooted or destroyed them. I drove the car following him as he walked the streets of Milford and Amherst, knocking on doors, distributing his hand-outs and introducing himself. The number of votes Bob received in the September 2008 primaries were encouraging. We worked even more determinedly toward November 2008. Election Day dawned bitter cold and inclement. Bob stood greeting voters, first in Milford, then in Amherst until polls closed at 8 p.m. Thank you for electing him in 2008!

Bob is seeking re-election for another term. He has served two years as your state representative attending every house session as well as every committee meeting. He has never missed the call to vote. Bob earnestly supports party lines – he is also considerate of differing opinions, and on occasion, votes his heart. In our 46 years of marriage, I have always been secure in the knowledge that Bob is honest, compassionate and faithful, as well as fiscally and morally conservative.

Please join me and support Bob Willette on Nov. 2. I promise you that he will always do his very best, and that’s all we can ask of any man.