Legislature should pass GMO labeling bill

To the Editor:

Hedrick Smith, the Pulitzer Prize journalist, recently made a tour of our state, making presentations and leading serious discussions on the topic of his new book “Who Stole the American Dream?”

To be brief, his message is that the American people are in peril for their rights, due to the massive power grab of the corporate powers, which have taken control of our governing processes, creating a huge and increasing division in the wealth and welfare of the citizens of this nation, and seeking only their own profits with no real concern for the common good.

As many know, the people in several states have determined to take measures into their own hands in an effort to strike back by demanding their right to know what is in their food – the food they eat and feed their families and friends. GMO labeling bills have been passed in the state legislatures of Connecticut and Maine, and such a bill is now under consideration here in the New Hampshire Legislature. A vote on this bill will take place in January.

A recent poll has shown that 90 percent of New Hampshire citizens want this right, a right that has been affirmed in 64 other countries in the world, but is being denied to us here in the United States. Who is so opposed to this, and why? A recent vote on GMO labeling was held in the state of Washington, in which the corporate powers spent $27 million in an effort to prevent its passage, and they did this before on a vote in California some months ago. What does that tell you?

Our legislators are divided on this issue, some saying it would be unconstitutional to pass such a law. Others say it would be impossible to enforce properly if each state has its own law on the subject. The advocates of the GMO labeling bills in various states are coordinating their efforts to obtain clear and collaborative language in every bill being considered, and their work is being assisted and directed by numerous and experienced constitutional lawyers. The arguments being made against passage and the fears stirred are therefore erroneous and unjustified.

It is crucial to the passage of this bill that as many citizens as possible make their voices heard by their own legislators in the state Legislature. A clear call from the citizenry regarding our inherent right to know what is in our food is the greatest impetus this bill (HB 660) could receive. More information can be obtained by going to the following website http://nofanh.org/farming/policy/gmo

Many people snicker or laugh outright at our state motto – Live Free or Die – but it’s true. We are becoming insignificant citizens in a corporate nation.

It’s time to make a choice and take a stand. Live free or die.