SAU 39 boards seeking community input for Amherst and Mont Vernon

To the Editor:

This is a letter to the community members of Amherst and Mont Vernon.

As many of you may know, the school boards of Amherst, Mont Vernon and Souhegan have begun a strategic planning/development process for the schools in SAU 39.

This process was discussed last spring and the real work began in earnest in August of this year. One extremely important piece of a thorough strategic plan is to seek community input and active participation in the process.

Frankly, in order for this to work, your thinking and visioning with our boards and our administration and staff are critical to the plan’s success.

In this first outreach opportunity to our community members, I am attaching a link,, to a short survey and ask that you respond to it by Tuesday, Dec. 3 their planning.

In the near future, I will also be asking for your input in a more active way by serving on subcommittees to assist our boards in researching topics that will have a significant impact on the future of education in SAU 39. Please give some serious thought about participating in this process. Certainly, you may email at or call 673-2690 with any questions.

I want to thank you for your input and continued support of our schools.


Superintendent of Schools