An open letter to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Most people know just because you are in the government that you don’t know everything that happens in it, unlike Mr. Mcconville.

Because of this fact, we have congressional hearings, which aren’t to rehash what is common knowledge in the legislative branch, but to investigate and get information. Mr. Mcconville seems to feel that websites spring full blown and working like a vehicle off an assembly line with every server needed online and up to capacity like the NSA’s are (as far as we know).

Mr. Mcconville doesn’t seem to comprehend that accounting and payment software doesn’t have to be written from line one, but adapted from systems, which are already up and running. So the 30 to 40 percent doesn’t have to be “built” as much as installed and his “just 40 days away” is more than ample time to do this.

In the real world, things take real time to happen. When did President Bush know the NSA and FBI computer systems didn’t work the way they were designed to and why didn’t he know?

Mr. Mcconville wasn’t sending an open letter so much as taking a backhanded swipe at you. Apparently, Mr. M feels your deciding vote makes you responsible for the bill and that you’re lying to us if you don’t know and tell us everything about it.

Like they said, President Obama was lying about keeping the insurance we have. He couldn’t have just been wrong. Senator Ayotte is in the same position that you are Senator Shaheen.

Why didn’t she know? Or did she?