Great Brooks’ rules and bylaws are available – for a fee

To the Editor:

“If they had bothered to read” the condo association’s bylaws, she said, “they would know that decisions are made by the board.”

The above quote is typical of the lack of respect that Great Brook owners have faced under Cardiff Management’s Cal Davison. What isn’t stated is, that while the New Hampshire RSAs – specifically the Condominium Act – is available free to anyone with a library card, the Great Brook Condominium Association Rules and Bylaws are not.

I have a copy from when I moved here in 1986. We used to receive regular updates to add to it, free of charge. Not so today. A fee would have to be paid to receive an updated copy, and any time it is amended or changed, another fee would have to be paid for that update.

As to Ms. Davison’s explanation of the fining system at Great Brook in her letter, she is only talking about owners being fined for late payments, which is not the issue for most owners.

People have been fined for things they have little control over, such as guests parking in front of their homes during the winter months.

I recently talked to a new owner who was fined for having a piece of furniture in her driveway the day she moved in to her unit. I have been fined for sending my fireplace inspection report in too late (I had mailed it in on time but it was never “received,” so now I mail two or three copies in a year) and was also fined for mailing an inspection report in too early.

Have I “bothered” to read the updated bylaws? No. Why? Because I don’t have free and convenient access to them. They’re not on a website where owners can use protected passwords to have access, I would have to pay to have a copy.

Ms. Davison often speaks about those in violation of the rules and bylaws. Perhaps if people had free access to updated rules that wouldn’t be a problem.

I find it interesting that Ms. Davison takes great pains not to mention the name of any current board members, however, she has no problem discussing the alleged attendance and voting habits of a former board member whose paperwork to run for the board just “didn’t make it on time.” That is a common ploy.

I use the post office’s proof of mailing to prove the date something was mailed. To me, it’s worth the extra fee. Except for my checks, which seem to arrive and be cashed regularly, other mail sent by people wanting to run for the board seem to never arrive on time.

Before Cardiff became the management company, there were monthly meetings of the board held in a public place that owners could attend and speak at. Not so today. Once a year, the Great Brook community has a chance to speak at the end of the annual meeting, maybe 10 to 15 minutes for the comment portion, most of the time they are yelled down by the president of the board that they’re out of order.

Ms. Davidson accuses people of “telling stories,” however, it is interesting how similar people’s experiences have been. She says in her recent letter to the editor: “All of the accusations made at the meeting can be easily proven as false.” She once made false accusations against me in a public letter to the entire development.

I requested that the matter be heard at the next meeting of the board. Funny thing about that meeting? I never saw a notice of it.