Manchester Dems would have nominated Jackie Kennedy

To the Editor:

Your recent picture of John and Jackie Kennedy with my brother, Robert Philbrick, was not taken in Milford.

The picture was taken in the Manchester Armory at the 1958 Democratic Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. JFK, the main speaker, had not announced that he would be a candidate for the presidential nomination.

However, most of us at the dinner thought that he would or should be the one.

During the evening, Jackie took over the podium and spoke to the crowd in French. The Manchester Dems went wild and if they could have nominated a presidential candidate in Manchester that night, I think it would have been Jackie.

After the dinner, my friend, Ron Philbrick, and I got in line to meet the Kennedys. Everyone was given a card to fill in their names and addresses. We decided to use the names of two prominent Milford Republicans in order to avoid getting a lot of political junk mail. As I recall, we were Rodney Woodman and Hugo Trentini when we finally met our future president and first lady.

We never heard if Rodney and Hugo received the junk mail, but I hope they did. They were two nice men and I think they would have enjoyed our prank.