A few observations on Milford’s election

To the Editor:

Just some observations:

I voted in March 11’s election and I am very disappointed by the voter turnout here in Milford.

The best that I can figure is the 1,700 people turned out to vote. This is still just a small percentage of the Milford voters.

What a shame.

The Milford School District wants more money. But driving by the middle school numerous times this winter including March 11 and March 12, I see windows open. That tells me as a voter that either the district has an overabundance of money to spend on heating the great outdoors or that the building has a serious problem in balancing the heat distribution.

No mater how this is sliced or diced, there is a huge waste of money being wasted on fuel. Along with any budget comes a responsibility in how it is to be spent.

Lastly, the town posted the results of the election on the town website. What a scrambled mess that is to read. It starts off with the pages sideways, second page is blank, then they alternate in which direction that they can be read in. I ended up downloading it in PDF and was constantly rotating the view to read it.

What a shameful mess for voters to read.