Brox Property dump site cleaned up

To the Editor:

I am happy to write that one illegal dump site at the Brox Property is now a lot cleaner due to the efforts of a group of volunteers who worked hard to bag 1,080 pounds of debris. We will return to finish the challenging job completely.

This cleanup happened on Saturday, July 12, a perfect summer day, when six volunteers could have gone to the beach instead of dedicating their time and bodies to the cleanup. A big “thank you” to all of them, including a teacher who wants nature walks for students to be safe, a Boy Scout and Scout leaders.

The educational potential of a nature/natural science curriculum for Milford students at a cleaned-up Brox Property is huge.

We also thank the Transfer Station staff for generous assistance with making disposal of the large amount of trash as easy as could be for volunteers at the end of the exhausting effort.

Our goal is to keep the Brox Property free of all illegal dumping and littering which will not be tolerated. Home to the Heron Pond Wetland Complex of rich wetlands and surrounding forests, fields and hills, the Brox Property is a place to be respected and enjoyed by present citizens of Milford and hopefully many more future generations.

Suzanne Fournier,
Brox Environmental Citizens