Amherst’s Chandley filed for re-election to N.H. House

To the Editor:

In June I filed for re-election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Hillsborough County, District 22. Serving the people of Amherst has been my honor, and I ask the voters to allow me to continue.

When I ran for the seat in 2012, I promised to represent Amherst with common sense, civility and cooperation.

I have done so. The past biennium has seen a greater level of bipartisan cooperation than has existed in decades.

Not coincidentally, the New Hampshire legislature has been successful in addressing challenges facing the state.

Together, we passed a balanced budget which reflected our New Hampshire values, restored services to our neediest citizens, championed education and bolstered our economy.

Together, we passed Medicaid expansion, ensuring that 50,000 of our hard-working citizens would have access to healthcare.

Together, we recognized the importance of maintaining and improving our infrastructure because to fail to do so would have dire consequences for our economy and our quality of life.

I look forward to representing the district for the next two years.

Together, we will continue to find New Hampshire solutions to New Hampshire challenges.

As your state representative, I promise to be your voice in Concord. I will be, as I have been, a civil, constant and thoughtful advocate for our Amherst values and priorities.