Candidate asks to keep political discussions calm, civil

To the Editor:

Our country is a shining example of a government by the people. It is personal involvement at the most very basic level of politics that keeps our government under the watchful eyes of the people, and it keeps the government in touch with the people. As such, I have filed for candidacy in the race for Republican Delegate to the State convention.

I have been talking to folks and putting up signs around town in order to get the word out. I’ve found a great many people here in Amherst are favorable of a Constitutionalist like me. They like the rights laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the United States and New Hampshire constitutions and are glad to see that there are people willing to stand up and fight for these rights.

As a veteran, it is an all-too-familiar task and I am proud to do it. There are, however, those folks whom I’ve spoken with that do not favor the constitutions, or that I’m involved in politics. Some have calmly discussed the issues at hand, while others have used belligerence and vulgarity to try to bully me out of politics.

Let’s keep the debates and discussions civil so that we can solve our problems together as a nation. There is no need to shout and curse. Don’t take down candidates’ signs, they have a right to put them out and it is also theft. We are not a Banana Republic, so let’s not act like one.

Anthony J. Nino Jr.