NH Representative Hansen’s Skewed View of State Taxes

To the Editor:

In New Hampshire Representative Peter Hansen’s recent letter-to-the-editor he focused on NH’s business tax, as if it were the only measure of our states worth. I think a better economic measure of our state is to look at the Based on the 2014 evaluation of the non-partisan Tax Foundation (http://tax foundation.org), New Hampshire has the eighth best tax climate in the nation. The ranking is based on: business taxes, property taxes, state sales & income taxes, as well as, unemployment, education, transportation, etc. By the way, Massachusetts is ranked #25.

Mr. Hansen criticized state Democrats for not lowering business taxes to attract more business. A logical repercussion of his course of action would be to drastically lower state services, as was done during the disastrous and mean-spirited Republican House leader O’Brien (2010 – 2012) or raise other taxes to compensate.

I’m certain Mr. Hansen, a friend and supporter of O’Brien, would favor the former course, i.e. cut and slash services in our state, especially to the least able to cope like students and senior citizens. Recall the 2010 Republican cut in the cigarette tax that cost the state revenue while encouraging youth smoking.

Some of these services like transportation would also affect many of us in the middle class by cutting highway and bridge maintenance, winter road clearing, and state police. Mr. Hansen and his Republican colleagues advocate cuts in all of these state services.

Mr. Hansen also criticized Democrats for opposition to the Republican Voter ID Law. According to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, there was no reason to even consider such a law, since there had been no instances of voter fraud in our state going back for more than 50 years. The implementation of this law cost money that could have been better spent.

Do not be fooled by the Republicans and Mr. Hansen’s finger pointing at state democrats. Our state’s economy will continue to be better served by an educated workforce, a world-class transportation system, and a clean, safe, and affordable environment for its workers, all of which are supported and promoted by state Democrats.

Ray Iannuzzelli