Karen’s Collectibles will be missed in Milford

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Karen Walker and her husband for their many years of serving customers at their store on the Milford Oval.

The Milford Oval is one of those places that can remind you what a privilege it is to live in this neck of the woods, it can help you find just that special something that you had been searching for, and it can give you a feeling of peace and coziness on a dreary day.

Karen’s Kollectibles was a venue that greatly contributed to these feel-good moments on the Oval for me, and I was saddened to see on a recent spin around that familiar loop that it was gone.

I suppose that it was time for these caring folks to say goodbye to the responsibility of a retail store, but I just want them to know that I will miss their charming window displays, their twinkling lights, and their friendliness and great customer service when I visited their shop over the years.

Although I don’t know the Walkers well at all, I am certain that I am not alone in wanting to wish them well as they try to enjoy a little bit of much-needed rest and relaxation in their golden years.

It is people like this that help to make the Milford Oval the special place that it is, and the town of Milford the wonderful community that it is.

Kathleen Barlow

Milltown Cakes