Make voice heard by voting

To the Editor:

This year, we have a real opportunity to make a positive change with our state and federal governments. They have not been working for us too much lately, and it is time to send them a message of change with our votes.

People do not have the right to complain about their government unless they actually go out to vote.

Voters of all ages should come out to vote this year so their voices can be heard loud and clear. It is time to elect new candidates to office who will actually work for all of us and not just for a chosen few.

We need to vote for candidates who are for creating businesses in our state to help our economy grow stronger.

We need to vote for people who are going to protect children, families, and the traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

We need to vote for individuals who will help us with this current health care dilemma that we are in at the moment.

America and New Hampshire can do better than this, but we need to vote for change to make that happen.

Mark Linn