Show your support for Market Basket workers

To the Editor:

For many years now, Market Basket has been my grocery store of choice for several reasons.

First, their prices are always low. Second, the stores are always clean neat and orderly. And finally, the employees become friends and are always friendly and exceptionally helpful.

Alas, I think the corporate greed of some members of the board of directors and some shareholders became rapid (I guess they wanted more profit for themselves) and we are in the current situation of no Market Basket to shop at.

A true Greek tragedy we have!

So I thought I would try the other shopping facilities in the area, Shaw’s, Wal-Mart and as I am a member, Costco in Nashua. Well, let me tell you, I found no bargains at either of these stores.

When in Wal-Mart I heard customers and staff talking about how the grocery prices have gone up without Market Basket. When I went to Costco, I bought some things in bulk as you do in a warehouse store.

As I like to make my own spaghetti sauce, I purchased a case of canned tomatoes and even at the case price they were 50 cents a can more than I normally pay at Market Basket.

Shaw’s is Shaw’s, as we all know – a few things have gone down since the new owners took over but it is still a pricey shopping trip, I think.

A lot of us knew that Market Basket as it was managed by Arthur T., Demoulas was a good thing and we can only hope that it returns under his leadership!

I have seen a lot of exemplary leaders in my time in the military and civilian world but you just have to be amazed at the leadership qualities of Arthur T. Demoulas. How many corporate CEOs in today’s world have the loyalty of their employees that he has engendered in his workers? Business schools will be doing studies on this I predict.

So the purpose of this letter is to ask all who read it to continue to spot Arthur T., his managers and all of the Market Basket employee family. This fight is a quality of life issue for the employees, the managers and their families. It is also a very important issue to us as consumers – Arthur T. Demoulas gave us one hell of a bang for our grocery buck, for this we are thankful.

Our shopping habits and patterns need to change as our disposable income for food has taken a hit without Market Basket. Shop the other stores but buy only what you need. Support the Market Basket employees as they have always supported us!

Lee F. Mayhew