Avard is right choice for Senate

To the Editor:

The 2012 elections saw the return to a
progressive-to-moderate New Hampshire senate when we saw the re-
election of Peggy Gilmour.

Kevin Avard, of Nashua, will bring the Constitutional-
conservative’s version of POSITIVE ‘Hope & Change’ with his election to the 2014 NH Senate.

Recall the 2012’s
moderate-liberal version of the senate’s GOP members: Chuck Morse, Nancy Stiles, David Boutin, Bob Odell and Jeb Bradley. These are the people who gave us an increase in gasoline taxes (at a time we can ill afford it) and the Medicaid expansion, which will result in NH’s first income tax.

So, who is Sen. Leader Morse ‘pushing’ in NH Senate District D-12? Why, Michael McCarthy, of course. McCarthy, an avid public sector union member and supporter who was elected to the NH House in a special election.

Mr. McCarthy is an ANTI Right-to-Work candidate who, according to his palm-card, wants lower taxes. Wow, where have we heard that before; I believe Democrats use that same line, and then… well, guess what?

Does an “Anti Right-to-Work GOP candidate really fit in with the GOP’s platform? I’ll let you decide…

John Diefenbach