Mooney seeking voters’ support

To the Editor:

The “Issues” page of my website (www.votemooney.com) is more comprehensive than most campaign sites. This is because there are so many issues facing the state of New Hampshire worth discussing, and I believe in giving voters as much information as possible. In my section titled “In the District,” I mention an important part of the job … constituent service.

While I was in the House for three terms, I was known for my attention to constituent needs. When constituents called me with requests to sponsor a bill, assist with problems at government agencies, testify on issues important to them, or simply listen to their thoughts and views on a matter, I was always there. My regular visits to the public elementary schools became well known as I taught fourth graders about the legislative process with interactive and fun demonstrations. One teacher at one of my regular schools recently told me she now uses my lesson (demonstrations and all) as a permanent part of her curriculum.

I took tremendous pride in representing the people of Merrimack while in the House. My philosophy of representation extends beyond the Statehouse and committee rooms, and goes directly into the community. If elected State Senator for District 11, I will continue that quality service to those I represent in the towns of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton. My email, phone and office will always be open to the needs of constituents.

Please remember to vote in the Republican Primary on September 9.

Maureen Mooney

Republican Candidate for the State Senate District 11