Let’s put end to loud motorcycles

To the Editor:

This is an appeal to rid our town of excessively loud motorcycles. Lets put an end to this noise pollution and make Milford a more pleasant place.

Our police department should enforce a maximum decibel level once again for all vehicles. But lets face it, it is the motorcycles that are the problem. These machines are far too loud for no purpose other than to stroke the operator’s fragile ego. They don’t care if they damage ears, or stop pleasant conversation, or wake people up, or scare young children and pets.

Noise pollution is a real problem and has been scientifically proven to aid in the cause of disease, stress, hypertension, and more. A noise limit law will make the majority of citizens happy and if Police Chief Michael Viola got behind this I feel he would gain all kinds of favor.

Please, let’s put an end to this loud nonsense! Maybe those loud motorcycle owners who read this will realize the damage they are causing and put mufflers on their bikes, but we all know that won’t happen. We need to speak up against it.

Gregor Bernard