Draining wetlands was ineffective, stupid

To the Editor:

I need to make some comments on your recent article (“Beaver control sparks conflict”).

Water drained from the wetlands had no effect, and is separate from the homes on Whitten Road here in Milford. In point of fact, the high water remains a threat to Whitten Road. The water is being backed up by the blocked culvert under roadway to Heron Pond Elementary School.

I know this because our neighbors along Whitten Road came down to the school in the spring to clear out the culvert.

I was down there again this past Sunday and the culvert is still blocked solid. However, the breached dam a mile away on the other side of Heron Pond wetlands remains torn down.

Now, instead of a nice wildlife area surrounding our elementary school, we have mud flats and the corpses of decaying wildlife.

So, to be brief, draining the wetlands, where it was done, besides killing the wildlife, is and was just stupid.

My neighbors are still worried about flooding their basements and the wetlands may have to wait a decade to recover because someone does not know the area enough to unblock a culvert.

Robert Gott