Havenstein is right choice for New Hampshire

To the Editor:

Walt Havenstein is a Cincinnatus-like leader who will serve New Hampshire well.

Cincinnatus was a consul and farmer from Roman Republic circa 450 B.C. who was called back from his farm to defend Rome against invasion. Once he defended the city, he returned to his farm, refusing the role of dictator.

Too often in politics, lifelong career politicians lose sight of the service demanded by their positions. Many Democrats, in particular, are long on attack rhetoric and short on decisive action. Perhaps it is because they have little experience accomplishing tangible real world results and must rely on smearing opponents instead of exposing their own career-serving political records.

In stark contrast to the ridiculous rhetorical attacks by the governor against him, Walt has been on message, focused on an economic growth agenda that will get things done, making New Hampshire a better place to live and do business.

The claim by our governor that Walt was a “failed” business executive is utterly preposterous and cannot stand. It is simply untrue.

In the tradition of Cincinnatus, let’s get a public servant into the corner office to serve the people as opposed to serving President Obama’s agenda.

In November, let’s elect Walt Havenstein governor.

Chris Ager