Jimmy Lehoux Band: A class act

To the Editor:

Jimmy Lehoux and his band are an amazing, big-hearted group of people.

When I emailed them asking about the release of their new CD, I mentioned that it saddened me that my brother who is terminally ill was not able to go to the Oxford Fair in Maine to see them perform due to his battle against cancer. The drummer and booking agent, Greg Gagne, responded by stating, “How about if we bring the band to him by doing a small acoustical appearance at his place?”

I was so elated; I couldn’t wait to share the news knowing that they would do this for someone they didn’t even know. It gave me such an incredible feeling knowing my brother will be able to experience the pleasure of hearing this band that I have come to enjoy so much over the past few years.

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, the Jimmy Lehoux Band performed an amazing music set for my brother and family. They set up in his garage and gave him a heartfelt performance that touched the entire family deeply and made my brother’s problems disappear for that period of time.

Their act of kindness brings hope to this world. They made a difference, and we want to personally thank them. Jimmy Lehoux, Greg Gagne, Al Gagnon, Scott Gibbs, Vinnie Mirisola and Jarrod Williams, you are not just gifted musicians, but goodwill ambassadors.

Also, a special thanks to Ricky Lehoux for doing a video of the night.

Ed Dwyer
Mont Vernon