Labor Day Parade support is appreciated

To the Editor:

This year’s Labor Day Parade was a great success because of strong public participation, and yes, better funding.

Much heavy lifting takes place behind the scenes. VFW Commander John Raymond expends an enormous amount of effort to make the parade a reality, as does VFW Quartermaster Doug Bianchi, and his staff, Artie Gagnon.

Mic Perry of the men’s Auxiliary is also highly instrumental in this endeavor. We are blessed with Butch Taylor, who operates his semi-trailer for the VFW float every year.

The VFW color guard was especially sharp this time around. And the women’s Auxiliary judged the floats.

Jerry Guthrie’s parade group is industrious and gets much organized.

I would like to thank Mary Albina, Mike Goci, Michelle White, Lisa Smith and Mona Cluz. Sarah Sandhage Philbrick and my son, Brendan Philbrick Jr., lined up the parade at the school.

The Becktash Corvettes, mini trucks and marching unit were all paid for by the Masons who also furnished the two clowns.

Next year, we hope to have a road race to raise money for some horses in the parade and to add other fun things too.

Thanks to the Milford taxpayers and the Keyes and Kaley Fund.

Brendan Philbrick