Jeanne Shaheen is a real New Hampshire senator

To the Editor:

We will never know if, or to what extent, former Senator Scott Brown was involved in deep-sixing the bipartisan Shaheen-Portman energy bill. What we do know is that this itinerant, opportunistic politician has never been involved in New Hampshire’s politics, culture, or problems.

At some time, he may have been vacationing and cavorting on a beach in Rye; however, he was never engaged in our state’s environmental, economic, or education issues.

It is, consequently, interesting that without real personal engagement, historical context, or institutional memory, he now purports to have all the answers. I guess we are supposed to ignore the fact that these “answers” are only blatant platitudes and generalities that could apply to any place or any state.

His opponent has devoted most of her adult life to the well being of our state and its citizens.

No, unlike so many politicians, Sen. Shaheen does not latch on to the issue of the day or sponsor a bill to get her name in the paper or her face on TV. Sen. Shaheen does her homework. She works quietly and powerfully to advocate for her constituents and her state. That is her job and she gets that job done. Substance, not flash.

That is the real New Hampshire way and Jeanne Shaheen is a real New Hampshire senator.

Linda T. Foster

Mont Vernon